Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Crafts

Yesterday was a busy a day of running around and craftiness.  It started with an updated version of the snack I did last year for school which was the Halloween Trail Mix.

I lined a cookie tray with black tissue paper and sprinkled Halloween confetti on it.  In  a large bowl I mixed regular cheerios, raisins and candy corn.  I purchased cute candy corn cupcake liners and used a ladle to fill them. 
After running around to different classroom parties, I came home to finish up a couple of more projects.  The mummy cup was next.  I saw this on Pinterest and thought would be super cute for my nephew. 

He's two and a half so I purchased him a cup with a straw from Walmart and filled it with about 4 packages of the Motts fruit snacks (that's all that would fit).  The cup was wrapped in a gauze self stick material also bought at Walmart.  One package would do fine, but you will get  little more coverage and it will be a bit thicker if you do two.  I had the googly eyes and drew on the mouth.  He loved it! 
My final project was for my kids and one that I had been eager to do for a while.  When I was looking for something to give my daughter for her cheerleading competition, I found these candy bouquets on Pinterest.  So I did a Halloween version with the help of directions from the Miss Kopy Kat blog  She gives you step by step directions that are very easy to follow.  I did a couple of things different like I split toothpicks in two and used that to put my starburst in the foam.  I also used lollipop sticks I had from another project to add height to a few of the candy pieces as well as to add the smarties.  The cupcake picks and liners from trail mix were used to add some spookiness.
 My kids were so surprised. 
Everything moderation, right? On to November!

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