Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Crafts

Yesterday was a busy a day of running around and craftiness.  It started with an updated version of the snack I did last year for school which was the Halloween Trail Mix.

I lined a cookie tray with black tissue paper and sprinkled Halloween confetti on it.  In  a large bowl I mixed regular cheerios, raisins and candy corn.  I purchased cute candy corn cupcake liners and used a ladle to fill them. 
After running around to different classroom parties, I came home to finish up a couple of more projects.  The mummy cup was next.  I saw this on Pinterest and thought would be super cute for my nephew. 

He's two and a half so I purchased him a cup with a straw from Walmart and filled it with about 4 packages of the Motts fruit snacks (that's all that would fit).  The cup was wrapped in a gauze self stick material also bought at Walmart.  One package would do fine, but you will get  little more coverage and it will be a bit thicker if you do two.  I had the googly eyes and drew on the mouth.  He loved it! 
My final project was for my kids and one that I had been eager to do for a while.  When I was looking for something to give my daughter for her cheerleading competition, I found these candy bouquets on Pinterest.  So I did a Halloween version with the help of directions from the Miss Kopy Kat blog  She gives you step by step directions that are very easy to follow.  I did a couple of things different like I split toothpicks in two and used that to put my starburst in the foam.  I also used lollipop sticks I had from another project to add height to a few of the candy pieces as well as to add the smarties.  The cupcake picks and liners from trail mix were used to add some spookiness.
 My kids were so surprised. 
Everything moderation, right? On to November!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More Spookiness for Halloween

So my kids said I needed to make a Halloween wreath for our house instead of doing one for everyone else's.  I squeezed this in before it was too late.

I had actually made the bow a few weeks ago and was dying to use it but didn't have anything to put it on.  I found this super cute fabric at Joann Fabrics, got some Halloween trinkets from AC Moore, and the kids got their wreath.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Putting my glittered acorns to use

Last Fall my kids and I spent a Sunday afternoon glittering acorns after saw it on Pinterest.  My background gets covered with them so we decided to add them to our Fall decorating inside. I had some left over and wanted to add a little glitz to a wreath I was making for the Fall.  I was also practicing my bow technique as well.

A grapevine wreath from Michael's (purchased with a coupon of course) was decorated with glittered acorns that were hot glued as well as a big old bow from ribbon I got on sale (again from Michael's).   :)

Harry the Monster

I saw this idea on Pinterest last fall and loved it! So cute and easy and FREE!  I didn't have to run and purchase anything because we had everything on hand!  My five year old son couldn't wait to put "Harry" up in the house.

Two paper plates were used for the eyes and black circles were cut out of black construction paper for the pupils.  The eyebrows were also cut from the black paper and for the mouth we used five strips of red paper.  Everything was secured to the wall with double sided tape! :)

Halloween Wreath

This Wreath made for a hostess gift for my sister-in-law who had a Halloween party yesterday. My eight year old picked out the fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics where I used my 50% off coupon! :)

A foam wreath from Michael's (I had a 40% coupon for that!) was covered in about 4-5,  1 1/2" strips of cute skeleton fabric from the one yard that I purchased.  I began hot gluing one end of the fabric to the back of the wreath and wrapped it around the wreath and then glued the other end and repeated.  I used silver glitter spray to lightly coat the wreath.  A white bow was added and I attached a smaller black bow (which the pattern on it sort of looked like a spider web) to the white with a black pipe cleaner.  The bow was hot glued to the wreath and a glittered black spider was added to the center.  The top of the wreath was wrapped with some of the white ribbon and secured with hot glue underneath the top front and the other end was glued to the backside in order to make a hook to hang it.  BOO!  :)

Halloween Flower Bouquet

My eight year old daughter went to a Halloween Party the other night so I decided to make a Halloween Bouquet out of silk flowers.

Michael's recently had a great sale on silk flowers so I stocked up a bit.  I chose five black Gerbers for the outside of the bouquet and one large purple Peony for the middle as well as some black pumpkin embellishments.  I secured the stems together by wrapping them with floral tape, cut the stems with a wire cutter to my desired length and then sprayed them with a light silver glitter.  The floral tape was covered with black satin ribbon and the bouquet was finished with a purple bow and a glittered spider to the center of the bow.  :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Go Pats

We live in the New England area and are big Patriots fans, so I decided to make a wreath to celebrate football season.  I went to Pinterest to get some ideas, looked through my leftover materials and this is what I came up with.

I had a foam circle wreath that I covered with leftover blue satin ribbon.  I then wrapped silver string it and used  spare scrapbooking letters to route for our home team.  I ran to Michael's and picked up a wooden oval shape, painted and glittered it brown and added the white paint for the laces.  GO PATS!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Treasure Chest

My son recently went to a little girl's Pirate themed birthday party, so I had the idea of making her a treasure chest.

 I began with a wooden chest purchased from Michael's.  I painted it white and chose a color scheme of pink and purple.  I drew out the lines for the stripes and painted them with acrylic paint.  I had also purchased wooden letters, which were painted and glittered and then glued on with Elmer's Glue.  I finished the outside with purple and pink jems (our course!!)

For the inside I cut coordinating glittered card stock from Michael's, so that it would fit the cover and the bottom.  Finally, what is a treasure chest without treasure, so in a went some chocolate, purple and pink foil wrapped coins from Party City!! :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thank You Coach(es)!

I was trying to think of a gift for my daughter's Cheer coaches, there are four of them.  So after scouring Pinterest for ideas, I found this on The Frugal Girls website.  Walmart was all out of the clipboards that are suggested, so I went to Staples and purchased the wooden ones.  So these do not look quite the same as the one on their site, but hopefully the Coaches will enjoy.

I chose decorative paper from Michael's in the school's colors.  This is actually card stock which they suggest on The Frugal Girls site not to use because of bubbles.  It did bubble up, but after it dried they went away.

Cut the paper to size, and I left about 1/4" around the edges, leave room for the cut out at the top.  Use modge podge to adhere and then apply a coat or two after it dries. 

I put ribbon on the top and bottom in the school's colors and decorated it with cheer stickers and the coach's names.  Also added ribbon to cover over the hole (kind of reminds me of pom poms). :)

For My Favorite Cheerleader

It's competition day today and I made my daughter her own spirit stick from a pringles can.  Thank you internet!  I never knew of all the great things you can do with a pringles can!!!
It's super easy to do. I picked out decorative paper from Michaels that was in her school color.
Cut it down to the size of the pringles can and hot glue gunned the paper to the can.
Covered the bottom and lid of the can with leftover scrapbooking paper
(also in the school's colors).
Edged the lid and the bottom of the can with decorative ribbon and attached with hot glue.
Make sure you can get the lid on and off so you can stuff it with her favorite candy/treats.
Attached ribbon to either end and cut out stars (traced from a cookie cutter) and hole punched them. I put one number on each star for the year. 
Finished it off by decorating with gold letter stickers and stars from Michaels. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Not so Scary Garage Door (if you could only see the inside, you would be scared)

My son couldn't wait to try this after we saw it on Pinterest! We just cut out large black ovals out of black construction paper and taped it to the garage door. :)


Another great idea thanks to Pinterest and the web.  Halloween bones for the school Halloween Party. Marshmallows stuck to the either end of pretzel rods, then dipped in white chocolate.  Yum!! :)

Halloween Class Treat


I volunteered to bring in the snack for my daughter's school Halloween Party.  I wanted to do something semi healthy, so after getting some great ideas from the web and Pinterest, I made a trail mix with candy corn (of course!) in cup cake liners. The tray got sprinkled with Halloween sprinkles to make it look a little more festive. :) 

Halloween Gift Bag

I had to add a bit of spookiness to a late October birthday gift.  I had seen the skull potato stamp from Martha Stewart and added a cookie cutter ghost cutout. :)