Saturday, October 19, 2013

For My Favorite Cheerleader

It's competition day today and I made my daughter her own spirit stick from a pringles can.  Thank you internet!  I never knew of all the great things you can do with a pringles can!!!
It's super easy to do. I picked out decorative paper from Michaels that was in her school color.
Cut it down to the size of the pringles can and hot glue gunned the paper to the can.
Covered the bottom and lid of the can with leftover scrapbooking paper
(also in the school's colors).
Edged the lid and the bottom of the can with decorative ribbon and attached with hot glue.
Make sure you can get the lid on and off so you can stuff it with her favorite candy/treats.
Attached ribbon to either end and cut out stars (traced from a cookie cutter) and hole punched them. I put one number on each star for the year. 
Finished it off by decorating with gold letter stickers and stars from Michaels. :)

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