Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Red Sox Spring? Training

We're big Red Sox fans in our house and they've been in beautiful Fort Meyers for Spring Training, so I thought I'd jump start Spring a little early and make a wreath for our World Series Champs.  We need a little spring here!! I think this has been the first day in about six or seven, that it hasn't snowed.  It's suppose to be fifty here tomorrow, I think we'll need galoshes, does anybody wear those anymore?  Anyway onto the wreath.

I used a 14" Styrofoam wreath and covered it with strips of white cotton fabric.  The strips are about 1.5" wide.  I used a dot of hot glue to secure the first strip to the side of the wreath that was to be the back.  I used common pins to secure each of the strips to the back as I went, but you could use fabric glue as well or a dot of hot glue.  Once I was done wrapping the fabric, the letters were glued on and my socks, precut the ribbon and attached it with hot glue to the back.

Go Sox!!!

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