Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Perfect snowy day snack - Snowman Snack Mix

I was recently snack mom for my daughter's Brownie Troop.  I wasn't sure what to make to please all thirteen girls, so I looked on Pinterest and found the cutest snack called Snowman Snack mix.  It's supposed to be the pieces of a melted snowman.  The blog that I found it on was nice enough to have template to print off.  Her troop leader said that everyone loved it!  Thank you Pinterest!

The card reads:
It's cold outside so in this pack
is a special mixed-up Snowman Snack!
Look very closely and you many spy
little snowballs, chocolate hats and eyes.
There's a little nose and pretzel arms
and a tasty scarf to give him some charm.
Have fun looking, then you know what to do...
gobble up this snack made especially for you!

 I made enough to make three snowmen in each bag.

9 mini marshmallows (body)
3 junior mints (head)
6 Pretzel sticks (arms)
21 mini chocolate chips (2 each for the eyes, 5 each for the mouth)
3 orange tic tacs
3 red twizzlers (you need to buy the kind that pulls apart)

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