Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nautical Shower Favor

My sister had her fourth baby recently and she had a nautical themed baby shower.  These were the prizes for the games that were given out., but could also be used as a bridal/baby shower favor. 
I found the clip art online for free, sized it down in Micro Soft Word and printed.  I then cut it out with the smaller of my two circle punches and cut out the red paper with the larger.  I used a handheld hole punch to put the hole at the top of the anchor.  For the rope, I cut out the desired length and then put a little hot glue at each end so that it wouldn't fray and unravel.  Once I tied the knot, I put one more small dot of hot glue at the knot, because I noticed that they were loosening.  That did the trick.
The ladies enjoyed their prizes at the shower.

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