Thursday, March 6, 2014

Upcycled First Communion Banner

My son and daughter sing in the children's choir at church and they've been practicing songs for the First Communion masses.   It was just last year that we were getting ready for my daughter's First Communion, so I wanted to share her banner that we made last year.  I couldn't leave the house one Saturday afternoon about this time of year (I think we were down to one car at the time), anyway, I realized at the last minute that my daughter needed her banner for the next day. After scrounging around the house for a while, I found everything I needed.

The previous year, we had been to a wedding and the Bride and Groom had left welcome bags in all the guest rooms, it was the right material so I cut it part.  This was what was going to be the structure of my banner.  After dissembling it being careful to cut on the seams, I began piecing it together. The top portion of the banner was one side of the bag, the bottom half was the other.  Where the green band of fabric is, was where I glued the two together so that they were the correct length. The loops for the dowel were originally on either side of the bag which held the wooden handles. I cut those off and hot glued them to the back of the banner so that we could insert the dowel. Then the fabric was glued to cover the seam where I attached the two sides together. After I put it all together, it was time to decorate.   My daughter knew what she wanted on it and the colors and it had to have glitter.  I had felt so I traced the letters of our last name using paper metallic letters I had on hand from Willy Wonka birthday party (that's a post for a later date). I cut them out with pinking shears and glittered them alternating colors, then hot glued them on.  We added a cross made out of cardboard, covered in green velvet and she wanted a spot on there to remember her grandmother who had passed away.  So In the bottom left hand corner, I used a cookie cutter to trace hearts in the velvet green and green cotton fabric that was already used. I wrote "Nonna" on the fabric.  Last but not least, we added the date of her communion in gold glitter and added two bows on either side of the dowel. 

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