Sunday, March 2, 2014

Snowman Birthday Party

All my kids birthdays are in the winter.  We have one in December, exactly two weeks before Christmas and then two in January two days apart.  Needless to say, we're not bored.  My younger daughter decided to use the cold weather to her advantage and had a snowman themed party. We did the decorations in ice blue, with snow flakes everywhere.  My older daughter covered my picture I had hanging in white wrapping paper and made a fitting backdrop to our party (this was a pinterest find! She did the refrigerator as well.).

The party was from 5-8:30.  When the kids came in they did a craft, we had pizza, played some games and then watched Ice Age 4, Continental Drift.

For the favors, I found this awesome idea - snowmen coffee cans.  We painted coffee cans white, used felt for the ear muffs and used black and red sharpies to make the face.  We stuffed our snowman cans full of movie treats. A package of hot cocoa, microwave popcorn (which I covered in white paper and drew a snowman face and hat) and junior mints.

Our craft were skiing snowmen. The kids started out with pine cones painted white which were glued to popsicle sticks.  We had googly eyes, felt and other items for them to decorate their snowmen.  Sorry, just had to stop and watch Pink sing over the rainbow on the Oscars.  Anyway, back to the party. 
One of the games we played involved a lot of toilet paper.  I split the kids into teams and they had to decorate one of their team mates as a snowman.  The team who had their snowman covered first in toilet paper and their orange nose won.  Well they love the game so much, that during the movie a couple asked if they could play again, which then turned into a toilet paper fight and my floors covered in white.  They had a blast.  Don't you just love tp.

So we wrapped everything up with an ice cream cake (of course!) and a very happy girl!

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