Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boston Strong

I was watching the Boston Marathon on television when they broke in with the news about the explosions.  My heart sank, what now.  And then as hours went on, I couldn't believe what I was seeing on tv.  I had been down on Boylston street more times then I could count and had grew up going down to the city.  We moved from the area four years ago, but miss it and love when we take drives into town.  The next day, I was driving the kids down to Maryland to see my sister and later on that week my husband called me in the early morning hours of Friday morning to tell me about what was going on in Watertown and Newton.  My old stomping grounds, I grew up in Newton and our favorite mall was the Arsenal Mall in Watertown, which I saw on the news with swat teams  and police cars blocking off the road and keeping the media out of harms way.  I lived in four out of the five cities/towns that were shut down that day and I was so sad to see the fear that was put into our cities and state, but so proud of the way the people of Massachusetts and the country stood by its victims.


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