Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A mammogram, a vase and a wreath

I recently had my yearly mammogram.  Since I turned 40, I have been going yearly and plan to do so in the future.  There are times when I should go to the doctor when I don't, when I should go to the dentist, but I don't, but I don't mess around with getting a mammogram (plus it helps that they schedule them for the next year when you check in).  Two of my cousins have been diagnosed with breast cancer, one a few years ago and is doing well, the other is going through treatment right now.   They are a constant reminder to follow through with my appointment. Anyway, all went well, and when I was leaving they offered my a rose, I happily accepted, but when I got home, I realized that I didn't have a bud vase.  I looked through my collection of jar and bottles that I had been saving to use on a rainy day and found a Holland House Cooking wine bottle.  I grabbed some twine and my glue gun and starting making a vase for my rose.  Nothing fancy, but it did the job and it was free!! 
  • Put a dot of hot glue at the very bottom and start wrapping the twine tightly around the bottle.
  • Once you start getting to the point where the bottle begins to narrow, you'll have to start putting glue after every few wraps in order to keep the twine in place.
  • Once you get to the mouth of the bottle, put one last dot of glue and cut the twine and you're done. 
I posted this wreath back in October during Breast Cancer Awareness month, but without the bling, so I took the post down.  My daughter thought it needed a little something extra, so this is my updated version.

Please take time to get a mammogram.
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